The Students’ Council of the college organized “LA FETE” intercollegiate sports and cultural festival from 14/12/2019 To 16/12/2019 of December 2018-19, in the college. Learners from degree college section of all the colleges in Mumbai were invited to participate in the fest.


This intra-collegiate event was organized by B.Com. the section on 28th August 2018-19.


Vittam means to finance. Finance is very important in today’s life. In the 2nd year of Intra-college event, the team had planned various finance related events 29th of January 2018-19 through which they can enhance their skills in the field of finance, costing and management.


“MAFFICK” means “To celebrate any event in a boisterous manner”. In the second consecutive year of  29th of January 2018-19 college intra – collegiate event, the team planned various management games. With the help of planning, coordination & teamwork learners were able to make the maximum use of skills and abilities of the learners & give them the opportunity to refine the same.


Self-Finance Section of our college had organized an Inter-Collegiate Event,” Mudra- Invest In Your Self”. It was a finance event which was held on 29thAug 2018-19.
The event was organized to enhance financial knowledge of all the participants. They also learn managerial skills in organizing and marketing.